Ok, I admit when I first heard of this I thought it was an April Fools Joke.

I never really expected Nintendo to admit so completely that the 3D in 3DS was nothing more than a well intentioned marketing gimmick.  Yeah, I know they say they are still committed to the stereo-optic 3D portable concept, but really I think that boat has sailed and sunk like an Italian cruise ship (too soon?).

In fact I kind of ignored the little buzz that was going around about the 2DS as rumor echos until I happen to see one in a local video game shop window.  Not sure how Singapore managed to get them in stock so quickly, but after a few minutes of internal turmoil I dropped my $230 SGD (about $180 USD), yeah I know it’s robbery, and picked up a new Red/Black 2DS.  Because I am a glutton for self-inflicted pain, I also
  snagged a copy of the new Pokemon X/Y game. 

What’s in the box?
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Tech Support #1: IFTTT

Testing IFTTT Blog PostingSo as promised, a post about IFTTT and how I use this service.

While still an under the radar venture company, IFTTT has garnered more notice over the last week with the release of their iPhone app. But for the past year, the service has managed to distinguish itself as a unique and powerful new service for the connected user. As a heavy user of IFTTT, I thought it would be a great subject for my first Tech Support column. These articles will focus on technical solutions you can use now to accomplish something new, or make a regular task easier.

So what is IFTTT? Well, for starters, it stands for If This Then That. You can think of is as an incredibly simple programming language that you can use to automate certain tasks, or connect services you use on the internet that don’t work together the way you would like.
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Testing IFTTT Flickr to WordPress Posting

Heheh, 2nd times the charm.
It seems this process mostly works, if successful ill be able to use a new IFTTT script to automatically blog any photo I upload to Flickr with a specific tag attached. I’m loving the customizability of IFTTT in being able to format the post how I like, adding in HTML, and automating the post test and title from the photo upload,

If all goes to plan ill be able to quickly launch off posts from a phone or mobile tablet with just a few minutes, and they will be automatically formatted and posted here.

I’ll be sharing the process and IFTTT recipes in a future post, but lets see if I set it up right this time.


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How Google Left me Down a Creek Without a Paddle

I'm a data addict. I admit that and admission of a problem is the first step to recovery.

Which I have no Interest in.

For years I have consumed a steady stream on information, from obsessively clicking the refresh button on my email client, to camping out in front of CNN during the war/disaster/storm of the century of the moment. Twitter still keeps me up to date on the latest happenings, but my main tool for the last decade has been RSS.

Real Simple Syndication is what I was promised, and for the most part that was what I got. I first started out using Bloglines. A great web based RSS reader that I could use to scoop up the updates and posts from dozens of websites and blogs and scan and read them wherever I was (as long as I was in front of an Internet connected computer). I loved the web interface since I could keep my read articles separate from my unread articles in sync, even when I used different computers.

Then came Google Reader. At first I was suspicious of the apparent clone of my favorite service, but the google account integration and control innovations brought in by Google soon converted me over. In no time I was up to several dozen feeds and 3,000-5,000 daily updates. When Reeder came out with an iPad app that supported Google Reader read/unread sync, I was in heaven.

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Why I love Kickstarter

One of the fist topics I'd like to start off with on this blog is Kickstarter. If you have been living under a rock, or spend less than 1,000 hours a week (non-virtualized) connected directly to the Internet, you might not be familiar with this service, so put simply, Kickstarter allows ready to go projects and artistic ventures to seek direct funding from supporters in order to finalize production. In exchange for support, gifts are offered to supporters on tiers based on contribution. Like the gifts offered during PBS fundraising marathons. But cooler. Instead of tote bags, you can get tickets to shows, advance downloads of music, and even unreleased gadgets.

So of course I'm hooked,

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Let’s Get This Thing Started

New blog, new management, new teeth, new everything.

A quick reformat and we are ready to start.  I’m the new proprietor of this space, one that I hope will be an interesting place for discussions about technology ,and how it can and does effect our daily lives.

The plan is to update often.  It is a good plan.  it will fail.

Since I live a nomadic lifestyle, scurrying from net cafe to Starbucks, you never know when your next internet hit will be there. Part of improving this situation, both virtually and in meatspace, will be a big part of this blog I think.  At least initially.

Well, on with the show!